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Thursday, June 2, 2011


This entry was supposed to be published yesterday, yet I published something else and also had forgotten my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ habit. Hahaha…

Every year, I had a list of gifts for myself, for my birthday also for any achievements. Even some punishment. Who else can bring you the most satisfaction reward or punishment better than yourself, huh?

Am looking forward for my reward list :

Ø New anklet

Ø New glasses

Ø This book

Ø This book collection

Ø New handphone

Or maybe;

Ø Spa treatment

Holiday???? ß few already in plan, so no need, unless fully sponsored.. hahaha…

Yes, usually we get the abovementioned from our beloved spouse. Since I learned the hard way of expecting gifts from others, it is best to reward yourself.

Reason for this gifts? My BIRTHDAY at the end of this month.

15 days to go!!!!!!!!

pssssssssssstttttttt!!!! movie marathon sounds nice too...... its on wednesday!


syah shah said...

ooo... aku tak dapat pon... hahahah :P :P

uii... anklet itu mencabar mataku~~ though I'm not a fan of accessories, tapi tak dinafikan, cantek! :P :P

Erina Asmawani said...

akak nak anklet cam tu ke? heee.ehem..ehem..

zonaku said...

hahahaa... ini aku nyer list... untuk aku....

it's made of pearls okeh... cantek kan?????

zonaku said...

hahahaa..... xder laaaa.....sekadar ilustrasi.

tapi sangat cantikkan??? design camni mana sesuai ngan akak. kang putus, jenuh berlari2an comel kutip pearls tu

julietchun said...

wah! seronoknya.

zonaku said...

kalau dapat semua mmg la best!!!!