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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Googled the topic for 'resign reasons'
answers i got to write in the letter are:

There are many things you can say:
1) you need new challenges, 2) you sought a career change, 3) you are being offered more money, 4) you are being offered a position of greater responsibility or you have been given the opportunity to learn a new skill.

You are going to need a reference from them so you are right not to give that reason. First of all find another job before you quit, and when you do just say that you have found another job that is more suited to your skills. Never burn bridges no matter how much you can't stand the place you are currently at. You never know because sometime in the future you could end up working with someone again from that company and the last thing you need is for them to remember you said you hated them and they were a backstabber!

No need to give a reason for leaving. Just say you are still finding your feet (I assume you are youngish) and would like to go into a different field/job for the experience or going to college/U etc....If you are older, you are resigning and taking the year off to go to college as a mature student and train for another career!

I suggest that you find another job before you quit this one. Then you can give the reason that you are resigning in order to accept a new position. Thank them for the "experience" of working for the company and leave it at that. Be polite to your boss. The advice about not burning any bridges is excellent. People have a way of cropping up again in your life and it pays to be polite whenever possible.

One time I asked for a leave of absence, to tour the USA, and did...while on leave I found another job.

Tell him you don't feel challenged enough and need to look for something else that will hold your interest, or you can tell him you want to go back to school to sharpen your skills.

apa alasan aku?????????? seriously!!!!!!!!


Super Nia Hana said...

saya dah tamo


Masy said...

ckp je ko dpt offer lain.

zonaku said...

blh kot....

x bek menipu... mana ada offer lain lagi ni........

Yunus Badawi said...

Aku rasa elok ko dapatkan kerja lain dulu sebelum ko resign. Kecualilah ko dah ada duit berkepuk2.

xiiinam said...

Moga Allah suratkan yang terbaik buat kau. Amin!