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Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Admin Day

It falls on the Wednesday of last full week in April every year.
They said that if the boss forgets this day, it'll be at his peril.
Tetiba bunyi cam kejam. 😍😍. Tidak la ke level tu, but small things do made up to the big things.
Anyway, this made my day : 

 Today is the director's bday. I waited till eod before sending him my wishes. One of the reason is I need to prep for the big shot visit next week too.
& he replied with;

Thanks a million ~ZonAku~. I am extremely touched. 
I am happy that I could do something small to appreciate all  the hard work that you put in. It was very small token of our appreciation.
See you next week.

I'm more than happy, honored actually. Simple yet very extremely meaningful.

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