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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Ok, first things first.
I am sorry if what I did, potrayed or talked annoys anyone. Sincerely, not intentional. Yet, that is our differences.
Embrace individual differences makes life more meaningful.

Yep....................... Generally as usual in social media, no name mentioning happened, yet I strongly believe it is ME.

It is not really a hard feeling or anything that way. I just feel it strongly aimed at me personally. Like being shoot long range by sharp shooter of the best sniper among humans (blame it on hormone for all I care).  & the moment I noticed, my first reaction was like 'no wonder I do not feel much sense of belonging here, mingling with these type of community'. Seems like I am citizen of the world by heart. These are the people that I tried to connect to, the social circle that I look forward to be part of. Yet, again and again, I felt that I have been pushed out real-real-REAL hard.

I am the sort that observe & then I step in once the situation is out of normal control. The facilitator, the adjuster, more important than most, the most demanding of all, that is me. On the surface I usually remain calm, at times can see my fussiness & demanding trait, yet, with this particular community, I did try to be as reserved as possible. And upon my observation, I walk around wearing a  head sign of 'alien' among them. I do not talk their 'languange' do not practice their 'norm' which by experience screams as 'eccentric' in capital letter.

Nevermind, just my ramblings. Pardon me & yes, I type using my office keyboard in office, not using my cell or my laptop keyboard, it is easier.

::please do not comment here if this writing offends you::