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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blood Donation

A blogger friend, Pocket, offered GA for blood donors.

Objective: To encourage more donors to donate blood.

Right before they take the needle out. The tube has been cut-off
Yes, some people just do not take blood donation as something they taken into consideration. maybe because they never have to face a situation when someone close to them need blood transfusion. or they just do not know/care.

Being a regular, at times, I do receive sms, email or info that certain somebody relatives in dire need of blood transfusion. They offered donors to fetch them, and even send them safely home after the donation. Contact numbers & location of the patient given, plus some cases even revealed the name & case. All that donors have to do, call the numbers & meet the relatives to donate.

Myself, I started donating at age of 18, just another trial sessions among friends to join the campaign organised by the university. Haha, I got schocked when the nurse show me the size of the needle after we enquire why need anesthesia . She said, 'Ko tengok besar mana jarum n lobang jarum ni ha, kot x bius, ko nak kasik cucuk cenggitu je ke?' I was like, 'Damn!!!! It's not my turn yet, & she already scared me with the needle' Huhu.....  but I harden my heart & start donating after that. But, till now, I never watched the needle insertion into my vein. During donation also, I won't see the pricked area. It's scary. But donation has become my routine. I stopped quite sometime, then when I change job & move to somewhere in Selangor, I started again, along with my friends who really are regulars as me. We donated 4 times a year. As the phlebotomist is a friend, (we work in the same hospital) & he managed to easily found my fine veins, every time I wanna donate, i will look for him.. I do not allow someone else do it. Other  phlebotomist  may attend to others, but I will only wait for him.

Then, I changed job again and the routine continues. This time personnel from National Blood Bank who's in contact with me often enough for the campaign, 4 times a year, even know me & say hi to me when we met during some other event. I made a note to myself to donate every time I organize the event. Alhamdulillah, even tho the date arranged to suit my own donating schedule, I am blessed to be healthy to donate every time (even once I fainted, & scare my own staff away!).

My last donation there is my last working day before I shifted back to my hometown. I've only managed to donate few times since then. 4 times only to be exact. My last one is during my time doing part time when I heard the announcement, quickly go to my car & took my donation book. That was in January 7, 2012.

The experience is not pleasing as I am too used to donating with all blood blank staff & donors knows me. Nevermind, just need to ensure I get used to the environment  where everybody are strangers to me. As long as i can donate.

Pocket, 100 donations??? Insyaallah......

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DrSinga said...

baru sekali..

zonaku said...

doc, bab kasik injection steady je kannn.....