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Friday, December 2, 2011

My November

my november... it's been hectic, a bit, during the first half only. emotionally rather than physically

the first four days, so bz with supervising-sort-of-teaching-guiding-turun-wasiat-segala. by friday EOD, it's all done, the ties been cut off.

then, saturday, bit sort of bz with raya preparation. first thing in the morning, bro1 called in, saying he just woke up, will start their journey back a bit later. he got off work late that night and the plan of travelling before dawn being postponed due to safety reason.

Confirming that they will be on the journey back the same morning, mom, bro3, sis3 n sis4 went to balik pulau to puchase the not-so-common-meat. this time it's itik nila. some knows it as itik serati even i'm told there were a bit differences between these two. my family do not resort to the regular ayam bandar or ayam tua. the least will be ayam kampung.
at noon, they haven't return yet. called in that they will have their lunch outside. sis2 n me cook our own lunch. ikhlas. is the key of cooking. i cook the rice without checking the water level and lucky enough to get a good and nice pot of rice. actually i do not realised this until after lunch, taking for granted that the rice a bit lembik because it is newly bought, so, i am not so familiar with the water amount. but then, i didn't really cook anything at home now.
cook the nasi impit, my sis with the beef rendang, a recipe from her MIL. oh, my sis' all refuse to siang  the ayam itik all for raya. it will always be my mom  & me. the duck is quite big. after finished, the time for ketupat pulut. personally, i did not like this task, give me lots and lots of coconut leaves to weave will be a pleasure much welcomed. yet, the sticky rice one is not so me. i did not really like it, and did not bother much to master the skill. at times, it become the betina one, had to do it over again to make it a jantan one. even not many youngster nowadays know the differences, its still something that my mom will complained. and among all, i made the ugliest one ever, usually.
come hari raya, after the prayer, my mom, bro3, SIL & me went to the market. market on raya morning? yes!! because, we are preparing for my sis' engagement the day after. in the afternoon, SIL start her cup cake deco.
farah as usual has secure her place to watch

for farah & faris
the trial session are with these images printed on top. after she satisfied with the preparation, then only she did the original one. she had pre-prepared all the stuff back home, then she only need to assemble it. we also confirmed that she will do the make-up for my sis. 
on the day, again i ended up preparing the chicken to be fried. yup, all 10 of them. inside, my sis' all are preparing the ingredients for the kerabu a.k.a salad. then, as the mutton dish n rice arrived, SIL already started screaming at us. none of us had taken our bath yet, or preparing ourselves to receive our guess. even the guess are only our relatives, still... hahahaa...... this time i really feel that she is really a big sister to us.
last time it was me who did the screaming, after our other cousins scream at me..
hantaran from us. one sponsored by each sisters, except the pickles.
we quickly take turns to bath, even the one who's going to be engaged is not ready yet! then, we had our meals first, before others arrived. the evening went well... even a bit delayed from the groom side. owh, unofficially i took up the task to mixed the kerabu & make the drinks. usually the drinks prepared by sis3, but this is since she is the bride, i took over.

bro1, bro3, bro2 n mom. sis3 inside the room
then, the day after. i had an interview. it's a quite challenging journey to arrive at the location. i almost had to walk to the place. not really a place to drive cikPuteri. afterwards, we had our lunch at Ikan Bakar Din, in Bertam. Farah only recognizes cikPuteri by her plate numbers. 

on Wednesday, bro1 n SIL wanna go to Padang Besar to buy the fertilizers for the orchid. of course mom is going as well. to take care of mom, i am the only one available. so four of us. the original reason is only for the fertilizers, we ended with full load. on the way back, we had our late lunch at another pit stop, at Pekan Rabu. its been ages.. more than 10 years since  my last visit there. 

on Thursday, i went to visit en13May, who was hospitalised due to pneumonia since before raya. it's a bit awkward to visit a male friend alone. lucky enough, his wife is around. otherwise, i do not know what to do. it never bothers me last time to visit anybody, maybe because i was in the healthcare line, and those i visit is under my teams' care. btw, he is well now.

Sara Farisha, DOB 11.11.11 @0858 hours
on Friday, 11.11.11, Sara Farisha arrived. hope this princess is well blessed and grow to be a good and faithful daughter. 

::letih la plak nk sambung.. ::



Lilly said...

aku nk tgk gambo tool box kak rini... tapi awat gambo xloading.. ish3

zonaku said...

x amik la.. jakun punya pasal... sampai lupa mo amik

Masy said...

takdek pun gambar org yg btunang.. mana aciiii hehhe

zonaku said...

ada la..... kat ada dalam bilik tu. itu dia la tu

bahu belah kanan dia... muahahaaaaa

syah shah said...

aku tetiap raya posa jaa buat ketupat pulut... aku punya kadang jadik jantan, selalunya jadik betina... mak mentua aku pon tak kesah pasal beliau kalau pulas pon jadik betina jugak... hahahaha :P :P

zonaku said...

hehhee.. mmg buat.. tapi aku x suka mkn....

mak aku sangat kisah

Saiazuan said...

well goodbye november :D