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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you
Near to me.
Don't ever let me find you down, cause that would
Bring a tear to me.
This world has lost its glory, lets start a brand
New story now, my love.
Right now, there'll be no other time and I can show
You how, my love.
Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to
And I will give you all my life, Im here if you
Should call to me.
You think that I dont even mean a single word i
Its only words, and words are all I have, to take
Your heart away

p/s: saat ini, kemahiran menggunakan perkataan adalah sangat penting....
p/s/s: buat kamu, sudah²la menyakitkan hati aku yer.... biarlah apa y terucap adalah yang dilaksanakan..


Jard The Great said...

i'm smiling.. ;)

John Iverson said...

word up sister

adibah said...

aku suka lagu ni..

HEMY said...

fuhh...madah bercili niiiii

opaq said...

i'm smiling too...sbb dok baca sama2 dengan jard...

arianna adrizal said...

agak2 guna bahasa isyarat aci tak? ;p

Zaidon said...

hehe... ketawa saya baca komen dari Opaq :)

ku tak sempurna said...

rasa2 org yg menyakitkan hati ko tu baca tak apa yg ko tulis ni??


zonaku said...

Everlasting x senyuman ko tu... if tidak, tidakla ko dekat ngan aku....

sometimes its the unspoken words that mean more.... but silence is sooo damn mysterious

nice kannn.. everlasting jer... ilang sudah lagu careless whispers buat masa nie

owh.. yer ker....??? x sangka lak

zonaku said...

hehhehehe.. make it an everlasting smile yerrrr...

aci??? kat opis banyak laaaaa

ada pun... selalunya senyum jer.. ari ni senyum x?

aku x gtau dia..... malas!

+h.a.z.e.r.i.n+ said...

warghhh!! lagu super best..

kdg2 silent is better..kan?

zonaku said...

sangattt best kan???? better ker??? for me mysterious!