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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


It was ages ago I last update here.

Too many things I wanna share yet everytime  I started, it will never finished & halfway I will just delete & promise myself to write again soon.

Yeah.. this is soon enough I guess.

With my schedule, I have twice fallen sick due to fatigue. Once is just a bad blisters, an allergy reaction. This happen when I return from my training in Alor Setar for my CBFI certification. The course ends Saturday, we return & on Sunday I join a hiking  group to Penang Hill. That is the forst time I hike with such a big group & 95% of them are total strangers to me. But I like the attitude, they are organised & give & follow instructions accordingly.

The first friend of mine who went 'pancit' makes me as usual become the sweeper again. As per Nyot, I am a 'sweeper abadi'. Well, living to my reputation, I always waited to ensure that nobody left behind. Also, even the group already have a dedicated sweeper, he is a man, I will not allow him to attend to her w/o another lady's presence. Well, just out of habit since my hiking years.

Then, at the first stop, after answering nature call, a friend of mine made a damn stupid statement, showing her ignorance & stupidity. If I want to fall for that guy, it will take more than one hiking trip.

& till the end of the hike, we stay together as another friend went 'pancit' too. & the guy was like an old friend of mine by the end of the trip. We shared waters & always pose for his camera. While having our fruit ice at the top, I was told that he keep looking at our direction repeatedly. Well, it's  normal. For me anyways.

Back home, I had ice bath & went for meeting. My rest started at about 3-4am the next morning. Wake up for work with the allergy blisters. There you gone. Strike 1!

 Jom Kurus, Vietnam Trip, Slimfit. 30days smoothie challenge & trying new jogging route. Nice one! Superb view!

Running buddy for now

Saturday I was supposed to bring my mom for her post op appointment but since my sis wanna go, I'm just ok. I am tired anyway as since Friday morning I did not rest, lunch at BBW (not eating fro sure, just lots and lots of books), then to the jogging, then to SlimFit then a meeting till midnite. I overslept on Saturday morning, After they went to hospital, I prep my smoothie. & lay down to watch Uda dan Dara on youtube. My plan to watch a marathon of it. Halfway, I started having fever & getting weaker by the minute. By the time my mom reach home, I am no longer able to do anything. I just open the door & lie down. Watch the drama just like between dreams. All the plan to go buy fruits in the market gone, pasar malam gone. None! Then at night, I just sleep next to mom after taking Panadol. No food. Sunday too, After my sis bring me to clinic, I just sleep & sleep & sleep. Usually I can still drive to clinic but not this time. My weekend spent lying down only. Even the Slimfit also I can't attend. Pity them, I feel guilty till now.

Yesterday, I am on EL, No MC, but I was better.

last smoothie before I fall sick on Saturday

& This Sunday is the last of it.

After that I'll just focus on myself with afterwork jog & weekend hiking only. My registered event will attend as usual, but it's not that I have to commit for a period of time. The last will be Harum Manis Adventure Trail Run if nor mistaken. Then rest for fasting month. I'll pick up after raya & school reunion.

Between that, I do wish I will continue blogging.

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