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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#myjourney : Persiaran Karpal Singh, Jelutong, Penang

The Rhythm Of Life 

The musical note reflects rhythm
"When the rhythm of a song is right... all things fall in place"
It is easy on the ear as it is harmonious.

When it is a happy song, the feeling is happy and pleasant.

This sculpture interprets life as a beautiful rhythm. 
The sculpture -a simple note rising high, with bright vibrant colours- reflects the basic element of a life synchronized.

Like the vibrantly coloured musical note elevated high, when life is in sync - it is easy and happy.

In short, it strives to echo the age old truth... that when you have the rhythm of life... life is easy, happy and often colourful.


A Celebration of Our Blue Sky

There stand four tall posts...
but you see only two of them, 
sometimes three and sometimes all four
depending on where you stand.

You come to see these posts..
Which symbolize nature...
That is continuously changing.

The colour af the posts is blue symbolizing the sky.. TRUE!
But watching the sky at sunset or,
at night you'll give up this cliche...
that the sky is always blue.

The blue in this work of mine symbolizes..
man's desire to return to nature.

:: if you find difficulty in accepting a work of art, it is this particular piece that serves to open your mind ::

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