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Monday, December 1, 2014

Good to Share

Seven tips to reduce stress in your everyday life
  1. Identify the causes of tension. By recognizing the real reasons behind your stress, you can learn to feel more in control.
  2. Accept tension as an everyday part of life. Often the best way to cope is to “go with the flow” and to accept those stressors that you cannot currently change.
  3. Laugh and learn. Instead of getting irritated, laugh at life's annoyances and learn from your mistakes. Humor is a powerful tool in helping build resilience.
  4. Nurture relationships that matter. More interpersonal contact with the right people can help relieve stress; accept help when it is offered. Spend less time with negative, stress-inducing friends or co-workers.
  5. Focus on the positives. Recognize that for everything that may go wrong, there may be multiple things that go right or opportunities that appear. Be grateful of your accomplishments and celebrate your successes.
  6. Break from routines. At work and at home, monotony also can cause stress. Remember you can change the script of your life.
  7. Seek support. Don’t wait until you reach your breaking point. Recognize and admit that you are feeling anxious and tense. Pay attention to your body's physical signs of stress (e.g., headaches, stomach discomfort).


Daddy Ziyyad said...

Ustaz Pahrol Joi ada menulis dlm bukunya, lebih kurang macam ni la bunyi nya.." hidup ini, mmg akan ada masalah / ujian...cara kita lihat ujian itu dan cara kita selesaikan ujian itu yg menjadikan kita ni hampeh, atau cemerlang".. :)

zonaku said...

yup, teramat betul tu DZ, bila kita anggap masalah, jadi la masalah, kalau kita anggap cabaran, kita menaikkan taraf diri kita sendiri bila barjaya atasinya.


Nastyna said...

atau..lets laugh at it (kalau orang tengok, ingat kita sewel) but its a cure. Jangan layan perasaan sangat... apapun, great tips ;)

aizamia3 said...

Ruang kosong yang ada dalam diri biarlah dipenuhi dengan aktivti yang berfaedah bersama keluarga dan kawan2 selagi tak mendekati perkara yang -ve..