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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Defining PRIVACY

Privacy can be defines as an individual's right to have a private life, to be left alone, and to be able to decide when their personal data is collected, used or disclosed.

Senang cerita :
It takes both good security & good behavior to protect personal data. Good security can be guaranteed as such but GOOD BEHAVIOR is the main criteria that is at our fingertips. Control this attitude & u r good to go :)

Generally, people trusts organisation they share personal info with & expect that organisation to treat it with due care. Likewise, with people.

We all need to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated.
Take responsibility & improve our chances of living a private life.

I am a very private person, yet I am very open. I may seem extrovert to people, but most of the times I love to observe, watching human behavior as if I am a fly on the wall. I can be that, yet when needed, I can drill for answers in order for me to understand.

Recently, my so called 'long lost best friend' (that person use it when introducing me-but I rarely notice that person formerly) really breached what I have been reserving for myself. Repeatedly I inform to the person to be respectful to others, if you are so outspoken by nature, be a bit more discreet on certain areas. Yet, I realized that I have been talking to the wall all the time. I reported the comment that person made, and the matter resolved after that person apologize. Then when we were together, that person raise an issue about someone I know. This person that I know is also very discreet about oneself. So, after the 'friend' know about that issue, openly asked a question in public. I am shocked on how insensitive a person can be. So, I directly told that 'friend' that the action is very disrespectful & violating another person's privacy. Later, few issues come up, when I openly told that person that what is happening is not good, and the result is, that person no longer communicated with me.

It is a relief, actually. But hoping no bad rumors around the community I joined, like what happen to another person who are not seeing eye-to-eye with that person. Wish I can call it childish behavior, but after repeatedly warning, I guess some actions needed. A slap in the face maybe?


Masy said...

pandainye cakap omputeh..huhu

t.a.t.a said...

I sometimes hate - no, not sometimes, all the time - hate about those who really are outspoken about sensitive things. they don't know about a boundaries that they should not cross. they just said what they had in mind out loud. no matter personal or not really personal, they just blurted it out.

I am speechless with that kind of person. really don't know what to say to them.

zonaku said...

aku taip je la.. mana cakap pun.

zonaku said...

that kind of person really deserve some humiliation in public so that they can learn how others feel.

julietchun said...

kalau nak lempang sila kasik kuat sikit, biar dia sedar langit tu tinggi ke rendah

zonaku said...

biar la dia..... kang sakit tangan i y gebus ini :)

saya sayang tangan saya!

Daddy Ziyyad said...

Another aspect of breaching others personal/privacy: Is by asking a sensitive question in public " eh, berapa ribu gaji kau haa? "

Be tolerant to others...be sensitive...after all, this is what Islam teach us ...Yet many Muslim still failed in this field.

zonaku said...


kalau ditanya soalan itu, apa ya jawapan yang selayaknya diberi?