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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Memuah Holiday : Trip to Bali Day 2

Day 2 (delayed continuation)

We decided to start the day at 10, then change to 9 but finally we start at somewhere after 9. Our breakfast was nice, we met an Indonesian family from Jakarta who stayed there for a week and will leave the next day. 

When we arrive last nite, we note there are banners/signboards wishing 'Selamat hari raya Galungan & KulNingan'. Actually the raya was for the locals, Hindus. I am well attracted to all the Janur. Totally amazed by the designs. haha....

More details on the places we visit, let me direct you to Jard's blog. She explained it all in 1 entry. I'll just recapture from my own personal view. 

In general, the trip is not filled with laughter as much as I expected. Nevertheless, still enjoyable & fun. Reason? A group of 8 become 4 pairs of people holidaying in Bali. haahhahaaa...... lucky enough I have my sis' camera with me. I actually did not plan it as I know that everytime I am with Memuah, all I have to do is having good time, filled with laughter and pose as I want it. Not a good photographer myself, I am contented with posing for them. Anul for one, I really like his photos. 


Our first destination is the Kuta Beach. Looking at the time, I wonder, if this is the best time to visit the beach? 1 word : HOT! Yet, as it was group decision, I do not really mind. Then suddenly there was talking about Hard Rock Hotel n Cafe. What the...? I never bothered the one nearby my place, but in Bali this became our destination? 
Wafa, Masy & me... by Iyan

Later I discovered that Bella n Jard just recently become the collectors of the shirt. At the HRC, I saw the rompers for babies, it will cost me RM65 something. With Sara almost at the end of rompers phase, I told Wafa, if I buy this, then pass on to her kids, will she mind? Wrong question... Wafa gave me the 'krik...krik... krik...' face. Hehehehe.... Just kidding Wafa, not really mean it. 

At the beach, when approached by 2 Indonesian men, (I like to socialize with the locals, got the chance to learn about them & their culture), we sort of send Jard as our saviour. We let her gave her number & link. Then we took photo of the situation. Who knows, one of them become her other half, blh memuah g sana makan nasik minyak, Siap ada review perkahwinan adat Bali. Insyaallah.........


From there, we went to Krisna. For our shopping spree. Note : to Bali, bring your IDR not USD. I had with me more USD compared to IDR. Therefore I just bought shirts for Farah, Faris n Sara. As requested, for Erina's family as well. For Aiman, I bought at Tanah Lot.
From there, to the eatery, to try local food for at least once. For me, I wanna try local food everytime  I travel. Fast food was never on my list. Even at home I did not favour fast food. Don't remember my last KFC or McD meal before.

-GWK (Geruda Wisnu Kencana)

The view was spectacular. According to the tour guide (mencilok dengar cerita tourist guide orang lain, kami tanpa tourist guide) the complete statue, if assemble, will be about 150 meters high, highest monument ever built, well, I guess. Never an admirer of statue before. Every alley there, located a part of  the whole statue. I did caught a glimpse of the hand part. We were separated, then gather again, then separated again. Somehow, Bella will be with Jard, Wafa n Anul with their spouses, and Masy partnered with me. hhmmm... After solat, we made our way to Uluwatu for sunset n Kecak dance. 

Geruda, Garuda... sama saja.... a.k.a huge bird...macam satu watak dlm thundercat pun ada....

On this I kept wondering, is Xiyad okay all day long? Maybe he had his milk in the car, but he really look ok n enjoying the attention from his aunts n uncle Iyan. Good boy. I know Sara will be totally grumpy by now.

-Uluwatu (Sunset/Kecak dance)

Our hired supir, Pak Ieron, told me to take off my glasses before we arrive here. According to him, the monkeys will snatched glasses from the visitors when they spotted one. This really triggered me & I am on the jumpy mode. When Cembam was a bit more scared than me, she did not really capture the issue, I informed her about the monkey thing. Well, I guess the monkeys here worst than their relatives in Botanical garden. Shit! I had to take off my glasses, hid it, and see nothing! 

Sunset @ Uluwatu.......... by Bella eh ke Anul??? 

Then, on the way to sunset viewing point  & kecak dance location, somehow we were sort of being attacked by the monkey. What I do? Screamed & almost jump on the person next to me. I did not recall who is that. Another tourist couple seemed alarmed by my scream and they join our group. 
BAD MONKEYS!!! but the bougainvilleas ......... awesome!!!

Pity Bella!! Sorry ya!!!! I am so jumpy, I cannot snap her photo with the sunset as the background. The rest of our group already left us, & she wants one for memorabilia. During our struggling, a monkey scrambled behind her & there were few screams. heheheehe..... unsuccessful with the photoshoot, we went to the kecak dance. The dance already started, as I am vertically challenged ehem!, no view for me at all. Then we approached the dancer entrance, and were told to go inside. 

haaaaaa.. puas hati... duduk belakang org tgh menurun. Risau je aku time to kot dia baring, blh tahap baring atas peha kau tu...... mampos! Then when Bella was asked to join the dance, all of us have different thoughts about it. But one thing, I spotted her teary eyes. Too much shocked, stunned, and embarrassed maybe. 

OTW out, since there were no lights, I am able to see better even w/o my glasses. There is this monkey following us from the side walk. But he gave up after we started talking and joined with the other tourist. 

From there, we requested Pak Ieron to bring us to money changer. By then, I do not have any more IDR in hand. We bought plain rice then headed back to rest. Tomorrow is another day!


Masy said...

bukan KULINGAN, tapi KUNINGAN. hehehe

one thing pasal bella yg aku pasan, mata dia mmg cepat berair. eksaited, gelak, tharu pe seme mmg pesen mata cam perigi gitu hahahahahahha

lepas ni gi mana2 pon mmg aku pair dgn ko jelah zona. hahahahahahah

Dr Singa said...

Kecak best!!!!!!!!

k.e.r.i. said...

kalau aku gi, aku pair dengan sape?

monkeys tu? -_-"

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Mata ai memang cepat berair...sensitip kot..huhu

zonaku said...

hahahhhaa... ptt rasa cam salah je...

baiklah... kita pairing berdua je....

nak menunggu pairing ngan cik abang entah bila.....

zonaku said...

dr Singa:
tgk separuh jalan... idak le tahu hujung pangkalnya... risalah tu lak, entah ke mana

zonaku said...

haah... x pun ko pairing je la ngan pak ieron n madi..
threesome gitu...

zonaku said...


haah... mmg camtu eh?? mata aku jenis kering, kurang air mata

Masy said...

keri, klu ko pegi, pairing dgn kitorg lee.. baru la mcm 3 bujang lapok hahahahhahahaha