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Monday, September 10, 2012

Memuah Holiday : Trip to Bali Day 1


Just returned from my Bali trip with my Memuah.

The ticket as per below, bought last year.

The tentative as per originally copied from a guide was chosen, but our hired guide amended it a bit.
Original version :

Day 1 : Transfer in from airport ti the Hotel ( Sanur )

Day 2 : Kintamani and trip
-Tegallalang ( rice terrace )
-Kintamani ( Batur volcano )
- Gunung Kawi temple

Day 3 : Uluwatu and Tanah lot Tour will visit:
-Nusa Dua
-Tanah Lot ( sunset )

Day 4 : Transfer Out

Amended version :

Day 1 :
Transfer from airport to hotels (Sanur Avenue & Puri Kelapa)

Day 2 :
-GWK (Geruda Wisnu Kencana)
-Uluwatu (Sunset/Kecak dance)

Day 3 :

-Kintamani (Batur volcano)
-Tampaksiring (Tirta Empul)
-Tanah Lot (sunset)

Day 4 : Transfer out to Airport

On day 1, I actually started my day quite early. Set off to georgetown with mom as early as 8.30 am for something. Not really lost, just 1 too early turn in. The matter only take about 10 minutes. Then decided to drop by GH for my blood donation. For the first time, I'm not allowed to donate. But the reason is my common issue. My hb reading. The first was 12, the 2nd n 3rd was 12.3. I was thinking maybe because of my small bfast. We took about an hour looking for a parking spot, before decided to illegally park at the roadside just to be turned down.

Owh, I've checked, before travelling by plane, you may donate 3-4 hours before the ETD. It SHOULD NOT cause any problem. But, keep in mind, at your own risk!

Once in the car, my mom remind me of the blood coagulating thing and my low hb maybe due to my continuous fasting until the day before. Then we rush to buy the anchovies for my 'sambal asrama' for this trip. Took my shower, then off to airport.

I texted Masy, saying I'll board the plane and will arrive at 3 pm. After landing only I realised that my flight was 1455hrs, and I informed her that I'll arrive at 1500hrs. Gosh!

We checked in the luggage, over by 3kg, so Masy's luggage to hand carry. I'm so sorry, Masy! Then we were informed that our flight delayed until 1855hrs. It's not really 1855hrs when they call for boarding, but, after they announced, when we were collecting our bags, it's final call! Hemy & wife went to change Xiyad's nappy b4 boarding. The plane was not full, so we change our seats as per our wish. Hahahaha....

Upon arrival, our guide are already there, Ieron & Madi. They send us to Wafa's hotel first, Puri Kelapa where were decide the itinerary, then off to our stay, Sanur Avenue.

Our room, the single ladies of Memuah, were comfy enough. We only have ONE problem, NO toilet door. only curtain.....


Masy said...

issokay :) sibbaik la aku bawak beg gitu. klu aku seret lagej, mmg naye hahahahaahha

aaaaaaaaaa jamban ittewwww

HEMY said...

crop gambar kedua yg tengah tu..print n letak dalam wallet!!!!

zonaku said...

hahahaha.... kalau bw lagej gak, kita repack je la kat situ

zonaku said...

sukati ko ler..... minta izin bella n cembam.....

syah shah said...

apdet lagi cepat-cepat. aku nak baca nih. tengah ada mood nih.. hahaha~ :P

zonaku said...

hehehehheeee.... nanti aku hapdet lagi ye