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Friday, September 14, 2012


Its been a week.

My very long, stressful, tiring week. But that's what life is. Even with those, I choose to be happy for the whole week. Keeping the unpleasant feelings buried deeeeeepppp inside.

Yet, tomorrow is another day. A BIG day for me. It may and may not be the turning point in my life. I do pray and wish for it to be one. Really do. I look forward to it. Life changing event is something nice and good. Becoz, changes is the only permanent thing in life.

And my life was ever changing for the past two years and still is. Hope this will stop the life turbulence and the future changes are in  the same direction to the betterment.

I appreciate all and any well wishes from my loved ones, my friends, friends that are like family ad others too. InsyaAllah.... all will be well.


Masy said...

zona nk tunang!

syah shah said...

kakak Masy! Betulkah?? Waahhh!! Nak pegi Penang sekarang jugak!!

Erina Asmawani said...

kakak! betul ke nak tunang? So happy for u..harapnya semua berjalan lancar *Eh, dah lpas la kan?* and I'm sooo happy for u! :D

Masy said...

matik laaa aku kene terajang dgn zona hahahahahah! main hentam je kata dia btunang hahahaha eh tp klu betul ape salahnye ye tak?