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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.. till we meet again..Part 1

when a door closes, we stare too long at the closed door, unaware of the new doors open around us....

hmm... this few days..

I am no longer officially a staff of the previous company I worked before.

YES! I resigned!

Not 24hours notice. Sent the letters in May. Yet the respective people just not really take it seriously, still looking at my transfer letter that I sent in April. Since they take too long to process anything, or even to call me for discussion, I decided to ask them. Then they asked wether I still want the transfer or quit. My decision, if they can confirm the transfer before my last day, I will take it, but won't withdraw my resignation till then.

On Tuesday, an exec call me, on the conversation, she asked me that I 'tender 2 months notice rite?' The question makes me wonder, am I on one month or two months? That night when I check, prior takeover, my offer letter mention one month, the new one state nothing. As I asked the liaison staff next day, they checked again. On Thursday, about 10 am, my 'newly' appointed 'bos' accompanied by the liaison staff called me up, my notice is one month. I have still yet to utilised my annual leave this year, plus a day I worked on sunday, my last day is the very next day, Friday, 11th June 2010.

Funny rite? SHOCKED????? I just can't describe how to feel. Sort of numb.

The counter offer is to work till end of july 2010, since I don't have any offer yet. Sincerely, if the offer come directly from my GM rather than my '10 days boss' I will definitely try to nego, but for this, I just say 'no, the offer is not appealing enough'. Offering me in the most snobbish way possible, I just can't wait to leave.

That very same day, during lunch time, my chairman for the coming carnival we are working on offers me to stay. Reason be it is a waste to throw it all away. My offer is, I can stay for the carnival, my 100% duty to make it done but not other matters. But, it is not possible. So, I'm leaving the next day.

Back in office, I finish whatever I need to finish, plus the request of what I need to passover. Yup, they want it since they do not able to catch up my responsibilities I am about to leave behind.


Catwoman said...

Senyum2 selalu ye....

All the best 4 u.


p/s : Cantik cat rumah baru awak.

zonaku said...

hehehehe.. tq.

trial jer ni...
sign of new beginning

Masy said...

haaa ade pon kaler kat blog ko ni hehheeh

resign sudah? so... balik kg la nanti nih? b4 balik, make sure dating tgk wayang dgn aku tau! hehehe

PnConfused said...


julietchun said...

moga semuanya akan jadi lebih baik lepas ni.