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Saturday, June 5, 2010

on Public Holiday

  • picnic @PD wih staff
  • shopping spree for new handbag
  • movie day


WHOLE day at home. disabled.

as I watched Greys Anatomy
her monologue was about sleep

'When in the dark n you feel alone, you are not alone in the dark'

at this very moment
that was me
in dark n all very lonely

in a room full of people, i am all alone
when everyone laughing
i'm still shedding tears inside

with few hurdles in my life
struggling to survive the challlenge
in my desparation

i hurt u
so sorry
forgive me please

please....... i'm not that strong

a real friend who got the real ears n shoulders are all i need
yet who am i to ask for such perfection

i am down, yet i look so strong
i am crying yet u can hear my laugh

if only.........................

dear, truly, i am so sorry


Catwoman said...

Jgn sedih2 ye....

Senyum sikit....


Take care ye...

zonaku said...