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Monday, May 10, 2010

Relay For Life

RFL is an overnight community-based, fundraising and awareness event; uniting millions of people across six continents in the fight against cancer.
With the tagline,
Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!
RFL KL 2010 offers everyone the opportunity to:

· Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer and find inspiration in the strength of the survivors as they continue the fight.
· Remember loved ones who have fallen in their fight. At the Relay we walk side by side with people affected by cancer to find healing and solace.
· Fight Back! By participating in the Relay we aim to raise the bar on the awareness of cancer and put an end to the disease.

We would like to invite YOU and your family/friends/colleagues to participate in RFL KL 2010. You can be involved in the following ways:
1. Team Recruitment
We welcome teams to RFL. Registration fee is RM15 for individual participation and RM150 for a team of 10 people. A free RFL T-shirt is given upon registration. Teams can walk around the track with their organization banner and participate in the most-creatively-dressed-team competition and other activities.
2. Camping Out
As RFL is an overnight event there will be tents available at RM50 per tent. Why not join in the best decorated tent competition? There are attractive prizes up for grabs.
3. Luminaria Ceremony
The Luminaria Ceremony is the essence of RFL. Come and experience this magical and inspirational moment which happens at dusk. It is a time when we honour cancer survivors and remember those lost to the disease. Luminaria Bags are sold at RM1 each. Decorate the bag, write your message of hope on it, hand it in at the Luminaria counter on May 29 and we will do the rest.
4. Activities, Games and Competitions
There will be various activities, fun games and competitions for all throughout the event. Theme Laps will be included where participants join in mass movement and get to feel a little bit of what the cancer journey involves.

Hope you can be there with your team!

again. humbly I would like to invite my fellow bloggers to join me in this event.


Erina Asmawani said...

akak, sy berminat!! tapi tula ingat dulu bulan 4, byk clash ngan jadual sy..jadi yg sebenar2nya ni bape hb kak? 29 mei eh? menarik ar event nih..

Yunus Badawi said...

aku salutelah kat ko kerana rajin spearhead program mcm ni.

Semoga berjaya!

Mr PenyuBiru said...

err..nnt kalu ko dpt banyak goodies bag, pas pas lah kat sini yer.hihi..

zonaku said...

betul nk join???? cari lagi few others, kita amik 1 khemah, just in case nk lepak2

x der apa sgt ni YB, coz bila di sana aku sekadar cebisan kecil

biasa xder goodies....

Masy said...

gua tak sihattt.. nanti kang sume berjangkit muahahahaahhah

zonaku said...