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Monday, April 12, 2010


unlike those who are internet savvy
i'm just comfortable with YM rather than faceboook, twitter n so forth
yet, as my pc got heavier on daily basis
on the memory i mean
bustling around with data, report, projects n so on
the pc need a bit of clean up n whatever it was the IT people call it

recently they format it
when it comes back
as expected,
they blocked out everything
feels like being sabotage
i tried to download on my own,
nothing works
the internet was also the old version
everything oldschool

so, no updates from friends online during working hour
means i need to spend my prepaid credit & phone bill to contact people
no more free chatting

so, whoever want any update or info from me
pls sms or call
urmmm.... better sms
any gathering, via SMS please
otherwise, i will only be available to chat at nite
provided the work n training didn't exhaust me to the level of coma!



HEMY said...

ko boleh install tak??kalau ko boleh..mknanya ko leh reset password admin..hehe

Cah Mblora said...

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zonaku said...

sbb x blh la aku hangen nie!

moment (mls nk login) said...

aku da bg ikan ko makan.. hikhik

Yunus Badawi said...

addlah nama aku kat YM ko tu

k.e.r.i. said...

meebo pun blocked?
mailchat pun blocked?

Masy said...

mailchat je.. eh meebo tu biasenye mesti bole guna, sbb tu mmg utk org yg YM kene block (yaa aku laa antara org yg penah kene dulu hahahaha).

ko try la beb.

so ape2 nanti aku sms2 ko la eh.

julietchun said...

meh datang opis aku,ehehehehehe.

zonaku said...

tima kaceh.....


zonaku said...

x dan nk explore lelain.. webmessenger pun out! itu jer aku sempat try

tgk la bila aku ada masa lapang sket

leh claim mileage x?