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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dedicated to ALL Women

Happy International Women's Day
8 March 2010

on this day, I humbly dedicated a few words for all the women out there,
SPECIALLY for my mom,
~Pn Fatimah Talib~
Thanks for being the most wonderful women in the world
to others, easily said, no women no cry
(for it is hard for me to say on my own words, please accept these beautiful appreciation, a dedication for all)
Wonder what a women is?
Typhoon, Hurricane, or a breeze....?
Unsolved riddle? Hard to crack sudoku?
Long lines of Sonnet or a short Haiku?

Heat in the fire, Heart in the Mind
Mass in the matter, meaning in the word
Warmth in the light, Water's chill
Touch of the breeze, Taste in the tongue
She is the fragrance of smell, force of the mass
Reasoning in Logic, Random in Magic
Faith of a prayer, Fear inside Courage
Hope in Enthusiasm, Hardwork in Love!

aku wanita aku kaum hawa
yang memang rapuh hatinya
aku wanita aku punya cinta
selayaknya manusia

aku wanita yang berpandu arah
akal dan naluriku sendiri
aku wanita yang diciptakannya
berbekalkan impian murni
indah jadi wanita...... jua derita

**credits to poemhunter.com n pakcik google**


Masy said...

hepi hari pompuan gak utk ko, utk aku :)

zonaku said...

yea.... untuk pompuan saja.....