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Friday, January 22, 2010


it was a horrifying day to endure not because it is too bad yet I couldn't believe it can happen

early in the morning, the shout came across the room, then with all the lecture on trusworthy (amanah) over something which is basically good yet nobody cares and became a burden to carry around

follows closely tears session. then something that goes around comes around as people always say.

then a call from a girl in panic over school unifrom.

after lunch, a nice lunch compared to the previous occurances. right after prayer, one visitors after another. it consumes all my after lunch working hour. gosh!

then back to the report that were adjusted by the student under our care. to my worst nightmare, that student mess up all heavy data! i'm left with no other choice but stealing the laptop home. again the student had obediently adhered to the rules by returning it without notifying us. trying my luck with the so-called 'found' laptop, tried to bring all home. then it dawned to me that nobody ever care to really check the owners name. once i opened it, there it was, the 'nenek' name were there. huhuhuhu!

the report collector made me stay back until the report is ready.

once finished, punch out, nicely walking out to the carpark, suddenly there is a loud bang! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! accident across the road. refusing to care, i start my car n watched what the passer-by did. standing in the dark, i called the operator, ask them to alert the emergency team n security

the new security comes out yet do not know head or toe of the accident also couldn't find the victim as i already saw them being brought to the emergency area before that.

sighing deeply, i reverse and drove home.

wash my face n sleep!

i didn't dare make any stop for dinner whatsoever.

sekian cerita saya untuk kali ini! cam karangan budak sekolah!


moment said...

so ape jd weh? apsal xgi spital ko je?

Masy said...

buntu minda aku baca entry BI TESL ni. nanti cite kt ym ah dgn aku, BM tau. hehehe

zonaku said...

aku dah off duty, aku dah buat alert kan org y betul dah ler...bukan aku blh bg rawatan pun!

heheheeee... bende dah lepas...

noor afzan said...

cerita pasal kejadian sepanjang hari ni..
macam diari hidup gitu

zonaku said...

noor afzan:
selamat datang.....
naper??? x blh ker????
bila seharian dilanda urusan tidak gembira, kita akan bersyukur pada hari kita gembira

boleh kan????