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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well, just a lil' bit of confused... with all the electorial campaign everywhere..

Looking at those posters... my thought was... what a waste.. will the elected one asked their people to collect all the posters n then recycle???? Or as usual, let it be... nobody bothers... They already won.. Who cares about all those rubbish that was used...

Maybe even better... I never asked them to put up my posters there..! Ha ha ha..

BELIEVE me..!!! Nobody will care... and if care like me... I won't stop and collect the photos n posters to recycle.. I don't even agree with all these waste... To compromise my safety in taking down those things?? No Thank You!

Yet... All MPs n ADUNs wants their faces plastered everywhere.. but don't bother to take it down..

Well... what else to say..

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