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Friday, March 7, 2008

Black @ White?

Tomorrow... 8th March 2008.. 12th Malaysian Election..

To vote or not?
Well.... it's a choice for all Malaysian...

BN or BA???
Well... up 2 u...

Quoting Forest Gump's mom : Life is like a box of chocolate, u'll never know what u'll get!

I'm not a politic critic or fan.. Not going to write on politics or election... it's not my pot of rice. Just, it's high time to choose.. all about choices now.
During my student years long time ago... My lecturer was speaking about choices, and this friend of mine says that she don't have any choice, as everything was planned for her.
My lecturer mentioned that it's her choice to let them decide for her or she decide on her own.. The disscussion takes too long...

In life.. it's all about choices.

Black or white?
Left or right?
To choose or not to choose?
To eat or drink?
To wear jeans or skirt?
To study or paint the town red?
To excel or to fail?
To be happy or sad?
To love or to hate?
To drive or take publics?
To get married or not to get married?
To work fulltime or freelance?
To have children or not?
Well.... at certain point of my life... I asked myself... To live or not?

I then took leave from my current life... leave everything behind.. rest... cut out every contact with everything except my mom. Then, after a while.. I start new. Well... at first it's on shaky ground.. yet I managed to be a new person...

I make my decision and I don't bother about other people.. It's my life doesn't it? So... that's my choice.

I choose to be happy. I choose to be full of life.

But, sadly.. I am asked wrong question at wrong time by wrong person. I'm pissed as hell.. yet, does she know that it hurt? She doesn't & I'm not telling her that it is. Let it be... and it's my choice of life.

People from all walks of life will try to make a statement in our life at one point or another.. Yet, it's our choice to let it affect us or not!

It's me, mine n myself...!

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