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Thursday, March 13, 2008

From an observer eye

Several days had pass after the most controventional election day. The chosen ones are cracking their head forming the new government. Or should I say, walking over tight rope on announcing new cabinet members???
The campaign posters at my residential area are lessening, especially from the party who had won, but those losers, their faces are still there. I wonder why??? Mocking the residents about their mistakes for not choosing them or simply too embarrased to pay people to take down the posters? Unfortunately I don't have the camera with me now..
We wait until the clening time ends, then we will know... I HOPE!
SPM results also been announce yesterday. With Azali Azlan scores 21A1. Congratulationssss...!! You really can score. But the headlines are stating that he broke the record from Amalina. What record is that? Are they saying he's cleverer than Amalina? For me, he really studies HARD! Yet, we should concentrate on his future now. Not only celebrating. Will he be offered a course in his interest or other people's interest? I do wish him all the BEST in the world. And ALLAH will blessed him all the way. NOT TO FORGET, may he always be a faithful Muslim who can bring changes in the world, be a leader in this country. Insyaallah...
We should now be in good harmony after our votes had speak, the winners are forming the new government. But this news really shocked me... We are Malaysians, but LIM KIT SIANG apparently not. HE is only a CHINESE. Pity him... He stay in Malaysia but he cannot be a Malaysian. And he dare to question Royal summonns and defy Raja Perak's decision... Kit Siang... Go away please...! Shame on YOU!!!

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theconfused said...

I laughed to the stupidity they showed... what laaaaaa.... He might have forgotten that it's not about him, it's about this homeland... he might need a tsunami to awaken him the way the other side experiencing now...