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Monday, April 16, 2018


it is not easy..

being a child that always a foreigner.
cakap x blh, x cakap pun x blh.
buat salah, x buat pun salah.

kadang2 terlepas jugak.... so, dgn phone aku y x sampai2, blh menyebabkan aku beli baru jugak ni. I AM THAT DESPERATE!

after work, sbb too stressed, I made a pit stop at the gym. mmg lepas stress! either too high adrenaline or I am already fit, the 50 mins dance fusion session is not tiring at all. & my first Panama dance! mula heran sbb lagu cam kenal, halfway br perasan. 😆

It was a fun session till I overstretch the muscle. minor discomfort ja. no biggie.

then, balik mandi n be on bed till now.
i can't face anyone now for the fear of hurting them.
now, i'm typing this to reduce my stress.
esok mcm nk p gym awal pagi... KALAU gaduh dgn bantal kejap lg...

there...... blog still the place to ramble... yeay!!

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