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Friday, May 22, 2015


May is the month of celebration in my family.

Birthday : mom, sis2, awin
Anniversary : sis2 n bro1

I just noticed that bro3's wedding to be added in our June celebration, maybe my own too?

Early May, I ordered cake for a friend's engagement, unfortunately, it is beyond our control that the plan was postponed & later cancelled. Since order placed, & bro1 is travelling back home for a very short trip, I just proceed w the order. Just change the wording.

The cake from Gangster's Delight is loved by all except sis3. Not too sweet for our taste who doesn't take sweet things.

Penangites, I really recommended this baker. Most of their products are not too sweet! FINALLY!! Owned by a sweet girl, a chef in Royal Hotel, the cake is superb!


A week after the labor day holiday, I met a friend for the first time since year 1996. We were in the same class since 1992, yet never talk to each other. Both are the shy type, & being a not too popular girl in the school, the chances that I ever spoke to any male friend are rare.

We start communicating via what else right?, then as he told that he's heading down to Penang & wanted to set a meet up. Or if you wish, call it a date. I didn't join my family for dinner that nite.
We talked over a cup of coffee each until past midnight. He walked me to the car afterwards. During our coffee hour that nite, I did not even yawn or feel tired at all. & I end the day as any normal day. A few pages before switching off the light.

What amazed me is, that same morning, left home almost 7 am  after have a quite good breakfast, hike Penang Hill via Botanical Garden-Station 46-Station 84-Penang Hill route, making it in 3 hours time, then take a rough ride down on the truck. As I reached home, they wanna have late lunch at Padang Kota, the Mi Sotong that was never tasted by SIL3. Continued by cucur pisang at Tanjung Bungah. When we arrive home, I am past exhausted & cannot sleep anymore, the hours is not good for sleeping too.

Well, at times, when you are happy & content......

I wanna share the cake photo here, but can't find it.


Nastyna said...

wink wink :D:D EH I masa sekolah dulu pun jarang bercakap dengan guys, nak bercinta monyet beraabgn-abang angkat jauh lagi lah hahaha.

zonaku said...

abg angkat ada few, serentak masa nk pmr, sbb kawan2 abg masuk sekolah tu buat matrik.

mengadap la sorang ke sorang lapor diri time minggu exam tu n minggu2 lpsnya sblm cuti sekolah.

Daddy Ziyyad said...

baca cerita awak pasal Botanical Garden - Penang Hill - Padang Kota tu...adoiiiii..rasa nak pi Penang! hahaha

Contact / jumpa lagi tak kawan tu? :P

zonaku said...

Daddy Ziyad, datang je Penang, bukan x pernah datang kan.

jumpa sekali tu je la, skrg ctc camtu je la