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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Administrative Proffessional Day - Kisah Semalam


hari untuk aku :)

Aku x kisah pun.... but it is nice to have such a day.... admins were used to be in the background. We are the shadows. Not that we complaints... personally, I like it... Coz we know, we make the path easier for others to achieve their target. They win the award, we win in our heart.

Few indulgences of being an admin, whenever there is a visitor, they will look for you.

This time is a bit extra. I receive all these... no need to share, but it is my practice to share with others. First & foremost, I ensure that I can eat them too.... Else, I'll just distribute to my team members.

Some of them take into consideration of the ingredients before they passed it to me. Ini yang dikongsi minggu ini.

Ops... ini anak buah terbaru..... lahir 21 Jan 2014. Qaseh Erina. Manja.. buai dia x blh ditinggal.. mesti ditemani sepanjang masa.
my morning companion... :)

Dr Taiwan, walau pembelian adalah dari Hong Kong

tgk pun tau... Jepun mari... dalam paper bag 'star twinkling town' tu

sama gak ngan y di atas. Flavour lain2. Dibelinya di 'kilang' kampung semata2 untuk dibawa ke Malaysia

green tea flavour. x pasti ada ke idak di sini sebab aku jarang belek cekelat kit kat. Dr sorang lagi dari sana


t.a.t.a said...

Buai tangan or elektrik?

zonaku said...

spring..... x guna y letrik.