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Thursday, May 30, 2013

How you want to die...?

Monday nite, I saw a link in a friend (??) facebook wall, he is a consultant in the former company I work for. I read it through & what Dr Paga wrote is true indeed.... I myself wishes my death be an easy one. I do not want to burden my love ones with my illness, emotionally, physically and most importantly financially.

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For Future Doctors : How Doctor’s Want to Die………..

I had written many times before that most budding doctors feel that by being a doctor  they are going to do wonders. Only when they start their working life will they realise that it is not what they thought. Yes, medicine has evolved with a lot of new medications, new surgical techniques and new discoveries. Unfortunately, how many of these can actually cure you ? Why do we still see people dying of infections like Pneumonia, Meningitis etc when we have so many different types of antibiotics compared to 30 years ago? I still see my patients succumb to pneumonia, Dengue and Diabetic foot etc. With so many advanced cardiology techniques, we still have patients dying of Acute heart attack. Frankly, to be alive you need a lot of luck and faith. It is not about what doctors can do. Doctor’s job is to diagnose and administer treatment. After that it all depends on luck! Even though the life expectancy has increased but we are seeing more younger people dying of chronic diseases. And there is NO cure for chronic diseases. We have medication just to control it!

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Dr Paga writes very well... but let me tell you this... only small number of relatives of patient can accept the fact that whatever we did, that patient will die. It is either now or very soon... 

Yes, Allah already decided that way, brace yourself & redha.

I have a nurse friend, specialty in emergency room, but she confessed,  upon her sister brought in to ER after an accident, CPR performed/resus n all, she, at the moment unable to accept it & was yelling at the doctors on duty to save her sister. She, a well-trained nurse, & been attending to relatives of similar cases numerous times, still not brave enough to accept it. Can we imagine how tough their task is????? Not only the patient, but the hysterical family members as well.

Look into yourself, everyone knows that death is certain. We only do not know when & how we will die. Prior the promised time, take a step back NOW, appreciate everything you have. love more, give more & expect less. Be happy & bring happiness to everyone around you.

Tomorrow, my young brother is getting married, the reception is on Saturday. Welcome to d family, mak tam liya.... Be a good wife to my brother, good DIL to my mom, & u will survive in our famili... hahahaa... I sound so evil.... 


Ummu Madihah said...

Salam Zonaku,

Bagus peringatan tentang kematian tu, kita ni manusia biasa, sering alpa dan biasa menganggap yang mati tu orang lain tetapi hakikatnya kita sekadar menunggu/menghabiskan masa/tempoh yang diberikan Allah swt semata2 dan kita perlu memanfaatkannya sebaik mungkin sebelum kita kembali kepada-Nya.

Harap adik Zonaku berbahagia dengan hidup baru sebagai penghulu rumahtangga yang penuh dengan tanggungjawab dan moga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat, insya-Allah!

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Semoga dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa. Amin.

zonaku said...

mak aji & ckLah,

thanks... :)