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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Project

My Saturday started with only my mom n me in d house. Sis3 in KL, sis4 at work.

As planned, Sis2 called & we started getting ready for breakfast n start our journey to the newly recommended  baking shop. Located in Pulau Tikus, I really need sis2 or BIL to drive me there. OK, I am stranger at home. What's new...

We managed to find the shop after the second round around the area. Yes! This shop is much cleaner, brighter & the owner can easily guide you on the items you need. As informed by my friend, the prices are a few cent lower from usual shop I went formerly.  The other shop is in Jelutong, next to nasi Kandar Deen. The chocolate mould is 80cents lower at this new shop.

Enough said!

My scone project is okay, I would say. Though the dough a bit too soft, and I am having hard time to shape the  scone, it's okay. The texture is soft & same as the one I tried from my friend. Maybe in future, I need to cut down the sugar. My mom said that it'a too sweet for her. Sweet for her, normal for all of us, not sweet enough for my aunt. Hehehehe...

Our electric oven is a gone case! So, I used the other oven, the Butterfly brand one.

Opening my first ingredient, the sour cream, I cut my fingers. MY THUMB actually! What to do? I need my right hand to mix everything! Solution? Handyplast. Clean the cut, put it on n start!

My right thumb with cut
My assistant is none other. My Farah. She break the egg, n beat it all by herself. A first for her! Bravo Awah!

She also scoop the cream into my flour mix. Taking out my first scone out from the oven, I burn my LEFT THUMB! NICE!!!! NOW, both my thumbs in pain, swelling with scar. N I plan to renew my passport this coming payday.

My left thumb with burn mark
Finish with the scone. We started on our chocolate. This is our third attempt. So we already good with the techniques. Trying the new white chocolate, this one is nice. Our shells design turn out good. We even put some of the white chocolate as filling. Next attempt, I'm looking to put caramel sauce as filling. Or any other filling. Any recommendation? I need to learn about filling..

Clean up the kitchen is the hardest task since my hands are hurting... and bleeding....

My flat scone

My chocolate


Masy said...

pengorbanan namanya tu huhu.. dah tu cemana hang cop guna jemari yg cedera tuh?

zonaku said...

belum gaji,.... ni macam dah okay dah ni.

lagi seminggu dah pulih seperti sediakala la harapnya...

Lilly said...

wahhh.. dahsyat!!!

zonaku said...

aku bab self inflicted injury mmg terer!