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Friday, June 19, 2009

Program Ke Lanchang Part 2

Kisah Geng Pengembaraan Ke lanchang blh di dapati di sini, di sini pun ada, sedikit di sini, lain² bakal menyusul nanti

aku? hehehe...

disebabkan aku kurang masa (skill sebenarnya), maka biarlah foto kami di sana di edit oleh diorg. hehehehe..

well... in the beginning, I'm excited to visit the park, but once I know the actual location, a bit undecisive. DAMN bad memory about the state. It felt like just yesterday. Last year I went there, the same feeling I felt, but luckily, I'm really busy throughout the time I was there.

But this time, it is to make a new memory, like Aim-a said. I'm grateful for her words, "cipta kenangan baru".

With weary heart, I drove to Aim-a's house. Woke up at 4.30 am, do my laundry and off I go. Do not ask me about the feeling, think more than one group of butterflies in my stomach.

We stop to refuel, I bought my morning drugs, yet drink it once we reach Wafa's house. Lucky I bought it......

OTW, we pass by Hutan Lipur Lentang. The place CikL n me spend our time, without any plan whatsoever. What an experience we had there, bathing with WHITE shirt, OMG! Never in my life I thought I am able to do that!

The rest of the story of what happen in Lanchang can be read in my fellow friends.

Then Hazerin join us with Tok Aki. Again, I'm tumbling down inside. Ssssoooooooooooooooo Jealous! I never had any chance to feel grandparents love. :(

Yet I used to hang to every word Arwah Pak Ngah told about the "Zaman Jepun". No idea why I love such stories so much. When Aki start his story, wow! like Pak Ngah was there! I do envy Hazerin.... huhuhuhuuu. Aki, at the age of 80+, still healthy and energetic! He joins us to Kuala Gandah, and very sporting!

can you guess who's who? but the middle one is Aki's

Once it all over, I wonder where did all the butterflies in my stomach went. I am so happy I join this trip. I think I can face going back there after this. Hutan Lipur Lentang anyone?????

To Jard, Aima, Kueh, John, Wafa, Hazerin. Its a pleasure having you all in my renewed memory. Do keep in touch.

To Wafa, if I'm not watching my food now, you can bet that all meals you served will be gone in minutes... hehehehe. The chicken rice was realllllllyyyyyy delicious.

To Hazerin, salam pada Aki ya.

To Kueh, thank for serving me the doughnuts, never know you can actually read my appetite.

To John, try out the scenery at Irau, the 'Istana Lumut' was so nice, subhanallah! Keep the snake away!

To Jard, any other xtvt? count me in! eh! It's really windy right????!! hehehehehe

To Aima, my deepest gratitude, for without your words, I won't have such a great new memories!

To other bloggers, if ever you found out my pics in these bloggers entry, count yourself lucky. I'm letting them publish my pics without any effects as there were so many to edit. In other entry you won't have the chance.


Mr PenyuBiru said...

aku tau tangan siapa tu, tapi aku taknak bagitau kat sini.nnt ade org tiru jwp aku.haha

HEMY said...

aku dgn jelesnya mengomen...sekian

Jard The Great said...

i'll try to come up with sumthing.. ehehe.. glad u guys enjoyed it!

momentinlife said...

wah!! too much la.. biase je nasik ayam tu.. hehe ko pn nmpk cmna aku masak.. main campak2 je.. wakaka

eh! what donut? big apple? knape tuk aku xde? aku pn nak donnuuttt!!~~

zonaku said...

eleh.. temberang la ko!

Insyaallah ada trip lagi.. join la yer...

sometimes we need a change of environment.

keikhlasan tu y menyebabkan kesedapan berganda!

hehehe. donut y ko hidangtu ler... dia asyik hulur kat aku jer.. seb bek dah potong kekecik....

John Iverson said...

Sorry sis... got no time to edit ur pic... I'll definetly go to irau... wanna join?

DaliaLiyana said...

cam best je..nnt nak join k...

zonaku said...

no prob, too many pics, mana sempat nk edit sumer.... this time jer la...
dah lama x buat keje² tu.. dah x mampu dah. tp make sure u enjoy the scenery

Selamat datang! mmg best, find your time n join us in next xtvt kay!

kueh bakar said...

nampak bulu mata ko pon aku tau ko nak makan donut..wakakaka