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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Name

Does your name begin with: H

You seek a mate who can enhance your zest for life, fun & everything you seek for.
You will be very generous to your lover once you have attained a commitment.

You are very affectionate & very strong.

Your gifts are actually an investment in your partner.

Before the commitment, though, you tend to be very careful with your every move and equally cautious in your involvement's often as you believe that you have to look out for yourself.

You are a sensual and patient lover.

You will hold off till everything meets your full approval.

You are a perfectionist , hard to satisfy and strong in your beliefs.

Not influential, you always stand your ground.

People can always count on you to stand by them in a crisis.

You are a dreamer with/ a passion for life.


goasop said...

eyh nama kita sama2 begin with H. =)

Mr PenyuBiru said...

oh. namaku bukan bermula ngan H.

syah shah said...

owhh~~ name aku juga bermula dengan hurup H... heheheheh

kita serupa?? tapi tak sama... kih kih kih kih :P

julietchun said...

namaku bermula ngan hurup C..Cik Juliet, :D

Ungku Nor said...

hehe..nama akak tak start dari H..saje je nak bitau ;p


nama ku laki bini bermula ngan huruf R

zonaku said...

amacam??? sama ka tafsiran ni ngan anda???

encikPenyu, kakUngku n Juliet:

salam.. 'R'? sila cari tafsiran ya...

en_me said...

layannnns.. ahaks

HEMY said...

aku pn H juga...

syah shah said...

ciri-ciri tuh suma kena, kecuali part perfectionist and hard to satisfy tuh... aku nih mudah orangnye... very easy to please kekdahnye... Hahahahahah :P :P