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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not A Cat, OK?

A very peaceful morning... well, as peaceful as it can be actually.

On the way to work this morning, as usual, everybody driving n riding as usual.
There in the middle of the highway.... several bikers.. with their kapcai ONLY.... not superbike or even the high power bike... Riding like they own the highway...
HELLOOOOO...... nak bunuh diri jgn la time org nak g keje.... menyusahkan orang lain kalau eksiden... nak mati sangat.. mati sendiri la...
Can u all imagine... the vehicles are speeding at minimal of 110km/j... yet these bikers riding left n right, like playing with the road... from the right lane then to the left n then the middle lane.. I don't know where their brain is located.... All cars had to be extra careful, trying not to involved with them...
No need to say if they are knocked down by any cars, just that they slip.... the traffic will be hideous n everybody will be late to office... If these bikers are dead in the accident, GOOD for them, seriously good, because they do not suffer, just sent them to mortuary, n buried them. End of story,.... very easy.. the cost maybe about 2K only. But what will happen to the person who ran over them, all the legal issues, the damage on their vehicle, the trauma.. etc... n the stupid biker.. just dead. NOT FAIR.
If they did not die... pity those parents who have to take care of them, the fund that had to be wasted on treating them ... be it they seriously injured or not.. then I doubt no serious injury... they were wishing to had an accident.. ACCIDENT should be that way... accident, by chance only... not looking for it... or creating an opportunity for it to happen!
I do pray they will have an accident just for their lessons... and I pray they learn a bit or two about saftey after the accident..
You do not want safety.. Pray for accident, FINE with us... but I do not wish to be involved in one. N I value my life.. n planning to enjoy it till the promoised moment.
To any bikers.... please....plllleeeeaaassseeeeee..... be extra careful... do not play on the road. Other drivers n bikers wish to have a good and healthy life... God only give a man ONE life.... you are not a cat, u DO NOT have 9 lives ok!!!!

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