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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to: ?

Valentines' Day!!! 14th February..

Believe it or not, for this date, people will spend money unnecessarily...

A stalk of Roses today can cost you MORE than RM 10.00, so if you wanna buy more, calculate it yourselves.

To celebrate your loved ones doesn't mean on valentines' day only.. Just express it whenever you feel like doing it. NOT that I'm saying you cannot do it today, just sometimes, if u wander around, the price hike it unbelievable. Yet, sometimes people think WHY NOT?

Yeah.. yeah.. up to u. I'm just expressing what I think. Who cares? I also sometimes do it... heheheheheheheeeee....

Last nite, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days... still remember?

Some of the method (well, I can barely open my eyes last nite ;P):

  1. Be clingy

  2. Talk / Connect to his MOM

  3. Create your space at his place

  4. Do Not let him enjoy his Boys' Nite, DISTURB it!

  5. Give him a pet

  6. Humiliate him

  7. Name his ..(u Know what).. by something feminine

  8. Call him n leaves thousands of voicemail

  9. ...

  10. ...

You will never know when he leaves.. But, if he stays, it means that he REALLY desparate for a partner or like in the movie.... he is betting on it!

But... funny enough, I did not do all this, yet I can't keep my guys around!!

Haha.. the laugh is on me ;p

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